About Tay Dunworth

Every Day is a Good Hair Day

Tay Dunworth is a specialty fashion brand with handmade products consisting of women's hair accessories such as headbands, hats, and scrunchies. Each piece is carefully curated and handmade by the head of the brand, Taylor Dunworth, in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida.

Taylor started Tay Dunworth as a way to add a twist to her everyday wardrobe with stylish hair accessories while keeping comfort at top of mind. Having chronic migraines, Taylor was always on the search for hair accessories that wouldn't add any more discomfort to her day. In February 2020, Taylor thought she'd try out making her own hair accessories. After all, then she could control the tightness of the headbands, the softness of the materials, and the quality of and prints on the fabric. Today, Taylor still focuses on creating the same thing for Tay Dunworth – comfortable hair accessories in playfully stylish fabrics – but with some extra accessories for everyday use thrown into the mix.

The process for each accessory starts with the selection of premium fabrics in modern, unique designs, continues on to the careful crafting of each piece by hand and sewing machine, and ends with a high-quality accessory that adds something extra-special to your own personal style.


Meet Taylor

Behind the Tay Dunworth brand is Taylor Dunworth, a gal with affinities for cups of tea, Disney, floral prints, and kind people. Originally from Indiana, Taylor now lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with her husband and pups, Brewster and Bob.

Software developer and designer by day and small business owner by night, Taylor has a knack for taking her creativity and turning it into magic for others.

When she isn't designing and coding at her computer or sewing up hair accessories, you can find her helping other small business owners create and photograph their dream brands with The Sunshine Creative and promoting the local handmade industry of Tampa Bay with Handmade Tampa Bay.