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Haley's Celebration

Join us for a beachside picnic to celebrate Haley's completion of her doctoral degree and birthday!

July 29, 2022 at 6:00 pm • Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Along with enjoying the celebration, join in on a photoshoot for Tay Dunworth Hair Accessories! Participation is not required, but participants will be asked to follow a specific dress code and will be gifted with a product of their choice. Photos will include candid group photos and individual photos. Participants will also have full access to use the photos for their own purposes.

While a majority of Tay Dunworth products are women-focused, men are 100% welcome to join in on this shoot too as we'll have unisex hats to show off!

Dress code is TBD but won't require you to purchase any new clothing (unless you want to). Text Haley or Taylor to let them know you are interested in participating in the photoshoot during the picnic to guarantee that all updates on dress code and the photoshoot are shared with you.